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Presbyopia Life is an educational resource to help you discover and navigate all of the changes that come with aging vision. Our team of experts bring you helpful eye health tips and provide educational information in our mission to help you live beyond the blur of age-related near vision loss.

Who is on the Presbyopia Life Team?

Our staff is comprised of leaders in vision care who have dedicated their careers to patient care and education, including board-certified ophthalmologists and eye surgeons. Learn more about our clinical staff.

Who Owns Presbyopia Life?

Presbyopia Life is owned by Refocus Group, Inc. Refocus is a medical device company that is active in researching and developing advanced vision treatments. Products or treatments owned by Refocus may be mentioned on this website, along with other products or treatments that are not owned by Refocus.

Can I Trust the Content on Presbyopia Life?

The content on this site is written or reviewed by experienced eye doctors and each article undergoes an extensive review process to assess the information provided and verify cited materials. We aim to present content that is accurate, relevant, and helpful for people seeking information about aging vision. Content on this site does not constitute medical advice and should not be used as a substitute for medical care. Please consult your eye doctor for guidance and medical advice.

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